Blue sky hope!

There I am staring at the blue sky, and I ask my myself, “what are you staring at?“ I replied, “I am staring at the stars!” Hope is like that. You know obscured behind the sun and the light it casts, are millions of stars staring right at you. You just can’t see them through… Read More Blue sky hope!

Fail Forward

Know this. Not everything you try will succeed. That, is a fact. Embrace the truth and be free. But in order to succeed you must try, trying means failing forward. In this topsy turvy day and age we live in, even the best intentions are failing. That is okay. At least we are trying, and… Read More Fail Forward


Stop mourning yesterday. If you must mourn, cry for today, so much has past already. You haven’t fully grasped it yet. Trust me. It is done. Dreams, laugh at us from the unknown, saying “what have your plans come too?“ Mourn your longing for something other than this. This moment right now, that’s all you… Read More Yesterday